Sunday, January 29, 2006

First revamped page is up!

It might only be minor one, but the first page - about Egyptian sword replicas - has just been through the overhaul and come out the other side here.

While the major connecting page on SBG for Ancient Swords is already in first draft form - I plan on continuing to update the minor pages first...

Anyway, have a quick look - it is certainly I feel a major improvement on the previous page for this topic and the photos are pretty cool too if I don't say so myself...!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Behind the scenes on Day 3

Ok, well I know that it doesn't look like they're have been any obvious changes to SBG yet - and on the surface of it, there hasn't been.

But don't worry, I haven't just been sitting on my behind playing Age of Mythology...

...Umm, well - I have been playing it a little bit, but hey - everybody's gotta distract themselves with something every now and again!

Anyway, I've been spending this time drafting up some of the new pages before they go live. I plan to do as much as possible behind the scenes this way for a while so I can alter the main pages in one foul swoop rather than have all bits and pieces all over the place that don't link up properly, etc.

I've also put the old Arms of Valor SBG 5% discount back on the homepage until the new pages are up - by the way, if you want to save much more than 5%, time is running out to sign up to my Newsletter to find out how. Once it goes out on the 1st of Feb, the offer won't be available until the overhaul goes live...

Well, I am off to dinner with some friends who will be rocking up to our door any minute now (don't forget, I am running in Australian time here) so gotta fly...


Friday, January 27, 2006

The first changes begin...

Well, the overhaul is officially underway - and if you've just visited SBG you'll have noticed some changes across all the major pages.

First off, I've removed the current discount promotion to Arms of Valor with the 5% SBG discount...

While with this discount all Generation 2 swords were available at the lowest price on the internet, if you searched really hard you could have probably got a better deal on the Windlass Swords (though they actually don't stock my current favorite, the European sword) at sites like Kult of Athena.

Don't panic though, because with the new site the SBG discount with AoV is going to be MUCH MORE COMPETITIVE than ever before... So if you are thinking of buying a Generation 2 sword, just hold off until the overhaul is complete... You'll save BIG (and I mean BIG) $$$ if you do.

ALTERNATIVELY - if you are not already signed up to my newsletter, The Sword Buyers Digest and you sign up before the current issue goes out (1am US Eastern Time), I'll be giving you an early bird option to get hold of these special offers before anyone else...

Other changes include the removal of some "questionable" tests involving chopping up meat and a rather graphic image of a sword stuck deep into a severed pigs head... (that I bought at a butchers BTW!).

I guess that such images are more harmful to the sword community that anything else, and when I did them I have to admit that I actually kind of grossed myself out...

So from now on, such controversial images are gone from SBG, there are enough total nuts out there that don't need any inspiration and I'd hate to think that maybe some sicko might try and replicate these kinds of tests on a living animal...

So they're gone - good riddance (yuk!)

Welcome to the SBG Overhaul!

Hi guys - glad you could join me.

I'm just getting warmed up for the first stages of the SBG overhaul - which if you came here by some other way than my newsletter or regular blog, is reffering to a massive 'facelift' and 'fine-tuning' of my website,

So first off, why am I don't it - after all, just about every comment I get from every visitor who comes to my site loves what's there already, so if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Well, there are a few very important reasons why needs to be fixed...

One of the reasons is that, because of the way I have written my main pages, it's actually pretty hard for me to squeeze in additional reviews. And since I am about to recieve several more swords that I want to report on - the only way I can find the space is to completely reformat the main pages into more of an overview, with lots of relevant links to the detailed individual product reviews and further info flowing smoothly down the page so that my visitors know exactly what's there and can decide for themselves what it is they wanna know more about from the overview...

...Right now, all the other reviews and links are kind of thrown in here and there and pool at the bottom of each page in a stagnant heap...

The other reason has to do with general review consistency and historical accuracy. I have been criticized by some senior forumites for my lack of references to the historical original swords that most replicas are based on. Originally, my reasons for not including these references was that I found that most sword selling websites waffled on about a swords history, and then only provided a few words at the bottom about what the sword is made from, weight, etc.

Now I am not going to waffle on about the history of a sword, but rather what the senior forumites were asking of me was to at least compare the sword to the originals. To me personally, it doesn't matter if a sword is comtemporary, as long as it is strong, handles well and cuts even better. But to fail to at least point out how it differs from the originals, and to give some examples of swords which are closer to the originals has only been touched on in my site so far - hence, I am going to try and redress this to make sure that
is well balanced.

The final change, and perhaps the one of most interest to YOU is that whenever I review a sword, I'll be continously hunting around the net for the very best place to get it at the lowest price. I won't be listing "shonky" web sites though, only establishd ones that are well known in the industry for doing a good job of customer service, and I'll be expanding my "sword buyers directory" to list the best safe websites where you can buy swords online with confidence.

To this end, I've also arranged some extremely deep discounts with 2 major, established sword sellers that make it easy to get prices well below what is avaialable anywhere else - but again, I'll only be recommending sites which have the very best prices online. Fullstop.

So in a nutshell, this is what the SBG Overhaul is all about.

It's going to take some time (I estimate around 2 months) and a heck of a lot of effort, research, etc - but once it is 'finished', well, I know for a fact that it will revolutionize the sword industry, making dealers accountable to YOU as well as providing the best quality info on the sword industry from a variety of sources (because once it's 'finished' it won't just be my voice on this site... I'll tell you more about this as we progress.

Well, that's the intro - I hope I haven't bored you to tears... ;-)

If there are any comments or suggestions you have for me that you think might make this site a better place, you can drop me a line here or feel free to make a comment below.


Paul Southren