Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tenchi Review is up!

Took me long enough...! But my Review of the Cheness Tenchi is finally online!

I've also been 'connecting the dots' on some of the other reviews by Mike Mahaffey on my page featuring Authentic Japanese Swords - so next on my 'to-do' list (and fairly urgently I might add!) is the next instalment of my Newsletter...

Gonna be busy! So won't say too much here, will let you all know how I am going and when the newsletter will be coming back. Like I said in the last post, at the moment it's looking like the 8th of June, because there are a few other minor 'tweaks' that need to be done to the site before I take the 'SBG overhaul' sign down and kiss bye bye for now to the Overhaul blog.

Be back soon - "Gone Finishin'" (ohhh, very, very bad pun... My apologies, but I just couldn't resist...)


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Final Days of the Overhaul...!

Hi guys,

Well - this time I really mean it ;-)

The final days of the overhaul are approaching. I was hoping that everything would be wrapped up by the 1st of June, but there is soo much that needs to be done that its probably going to take just a little bit longer than that - and I'd rather not rush what needs to be done...

Currently, I am drafting up my long anticipated review of the tenchi 9260 katana and this should be ready either on Monday or Tuesday. THEN, I will be working feverishly to re-start my newsletter - the Sword Buyers Digest - where there will be some very juciy discounts and the opportunity for SBG members to pre-order some 9260 Cheness Katana before they hit the shores sometime in late June...

I've recently made a few changes to the main page on Japanese Swords including an link to the review of Masahiro's Bamboo Katana here and there is still some more guest reviews and work that needs to be done on this page, which I will be doing around the same time as the Tenchi review goes live.

Anyway, once the Tenchi review is up and the newsletter is going out (probably on the 8th of June, but hopefully before) it will announce the end of the 1st major overhaul (which, if you've been reading this, you'll know took a hell of a lot longer than what was anticipated).

But that certainly doesn't mean that the improvments to SBG are over! No WAY! The end of the overhaul is just the start of some VERY exciting things to come...!

So there you have it! I think the only thing I will miss is this blog... :'-( But somewhere I have another (long neglected) blog which I will be using until the NEXT overhaul (no doubt there will be another)...!

Will still be posting here in the meantime, so catch up with you all shortly!


Friday, May 19, 2006

Brand New Katana!

Just thought that I'd point out that the latest addition to the Cheness Cutlery line up, the 9260 Spring Steel, differentially hardened 'KAZE' Katana (which replaces the Kanbai DH Katana) is now available on my site for just US$279.99 PLUS a FREE sword cleaning kit and stand! (normally $599.99, with the Cheness Special Introductory Price of $299.99)

These swords are already selling like hotcakes, so I suggest if you want one of these beauties, you don't hang around!

Check 'em out on my Japanese sword sales page here - these swords ROCK!!!

More swords will be added in the coming days, PLUS there is also a special 7 sword side by side review by Mike Mafferty on all the major Japanese swords due to go up in the next few days - so if you are a lover of Japanese swords, you sure are in for a treat!!!


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Price increases...

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd drop you all a note that I've increased the prices of my Cheness Cutlery swords up to the minimum advertised price.

The reason behind this is that there were a few complaints from Cheness Cutlery dealers that my prices were making it impossible to compete - which is something I respect completely and have always wanted to avoid from the start.

After all, MOST sword sellers are fellow sword enthusiasts trying to make a living, and if they are pushed too far, they go out of business. If this was to happen on a large scale, competition will collapse - monopolies will consolidate and the number of good swords available will decline while at the same time prices will go through the roof - and that is something I DO NOT want to happen (and I am sure, neither do you!)

Anyway, the increases aren't huge, but I've thrown in a few extra free bonuses like FREE cleaning kits, stands etc on selected swords to try and make up for it.

Other News

As you all know the projected 2 month overhaul I started on January 27th 2006 has taken a lot longer than expected...! I look back on this blog and see some posts where in March I am convinced we are nearly there yet, but here we are in May and there is still so much to do!

Most of it is due to time constrains (after all, it is a part time endevour) but I'd still like to apologize for the delays - I really have so many different things that I'd like to do with my site and still consider it to be very much in its infancy.

I do hope to be able to dedicate more time to SBG in the coming months though...

My plan has now become to do my site full time by selling swords on SBG, which as you know has been a difficult and unexpected decision, if only because if I am selling swords and reviewing them it could be a 'conflict of interes'.

So to keep the balance, I will only ever sell swords that I really - honestly - love, offer a money back guarantee to ensure that I'll suffer if my reviews are off, and to invite other peoples reviews as much as possible (such as the newly revised SUBMIT A REVIEW page where you'll get an automatic $10 sword gift voucher for reviewing a fully functional sword available under US$300)!

It's going to take a while yes, and it's going to cost some serious money to get going, but if I can do this site full time, it will grow extremely rapidly to the one stop resource site that I envisioned when I first started it..

Anyway, enough rambling and dreaming! Its the weekend and I've got lots of work to do!

Talk to you all later.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Long time no posts...!

Just a quick post to let everyone know I am still alive and kicking.. (or should that be swinging..? Hmm, maybe not - sounds a bit too Austin Powers!)

I haven't been updating things here on the blog, though my site has seen a few category shifts as part of the ongoing overhaul, as well as a few cosmetic changes here and there with page layout etc that I have been experimenting with.

Anyway, I am not going to go into too much detail in this post - I've decided to keep things in overhaul mode for one final month as there are a few things here and there that I am still not happy to pull down the curtain on and declare "the overhaul is complete" (plus, it would mean the end of this semi-regularily updated blog! And its been a lot of fun!)

Anyway (anyway, anyway) will be ramping things up very rapidly in the coming weeks with so many different things planned for the final stages of the overhaul (and many, many more editions for the months to follow shortly after) that I get tired just thinking about it! :-)

So enough said for today - I'm taking a quick break for a few days to recharge my batteries before it's full steam ahead like never before!

Catch up with y'all soon!