Monday, August 21, 2006

It's Official!

I am totally stoked! :-D

I have just managed to get the brand new SBG Store up on my site and am happy to announce that it is now 100% operational and ready to sell some of those brand 'new and improved' Cheness swords at the best prices I can possibly muster:


Sure, it was a lot of hard work - but it has been a lot of fun too.

And the best part is by launching this site I can provide YOU with what I firmly believe are the best value for money sub US$300 Japanese swords out there as well as help fund my (somewhat expensive) site into the future.

Speaking of which, I just updated my About SBG page to be as transparant as possible about what I am doing and why...

Anyway, I love to take a little time off to celebrate - but there is so much more to be done in all areas of my site its kind of hard to rest on my laurels..

For a start, I am planning on expanding my directory to include EVERY sword seller I know of (as well as dividing them by countries and regions) sharing with you a mountain of useful links to sites about sword training, history etc and getting hold of a few new swords to put through the wringer to see how they come out the other side ;-)

Not to mention of course next months edition of the Sword Buyers Digest - but as usual I am getting ahead of myself (much more on this in another post!)

Sure, its not always easy to find the time (especially as I also hold down a full time job and somewhere around the place I believe I have a very patient and understanding wife... :-)). But I wouldn't have it any other way.


P.S. Still more work to do on the SBG Store Site of course.. But yes, it's up and running! :-)


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