Sunday, September 10, 2006

SBG Store Back Online

There we go, all fixed! :-)

While I am posting, I forgot to mention that I recently added a new page to my store specifically for Aussie sword buyers of Cheness Swords here which gives a quick run down of the Cheness swords I have in stock ready to go from Australia and some general info for Aussie Japanese sword enthuiasts (or is that Japanese Aussie Sword Enthusiasts, no - I think it is the first one).

So if you live in Australia and are into affordable Japanese swords, check it out. I am just starting to put together a new restock order including some of the longer swords that can't be shipped to Oz due to Australia Post Size restrictions (the standard sized swords JUST fit, but not by much. In fact technically, the packages are about 1-2cm OVER the size restriction).

Tough to love swords and live in Australia huh...? But with my new page I will be doing everything I can to try and tip the balance back in our favour!


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