Monday, September 11, 2006

Site Updates

I just can't help myself...

Simply can't stop tweaking my site - which is probably a gynormous waste of time in some ways, but hopefully has been a bit of an improvement...

The first full page to get another mini overhaul kind of thing is the one on Medieval Swords

Basically, I've improved the site layout a bit here and there to make it clearer and easier to navigate, made the special discounts a little more prominent, and changed the videos to a combination of You Tube and Google Videos instead of the 'take damn near forever to load' vids that were there before...

Over the course of the month I will be doing the same thing for my other pages, and then creating several new and improved pages when it comes time to do my Sword Buying Primer pages.

Boy, I sure wish I could do my site full time! There really is so much to do, it really is a case of get home from work, work on the site, go to bed and then repeat the cycle...! Sure does take a hell of a lot of time - but then again, it's still fun - or why the hell would I be doing it ;-)

Anyway, this is going to be a busy month - there are actually about 1000 things on the drawing board at the moment, just need to manage my time properly to get it all done! Not easy, true - but then again anything worthwhile in life ain't easy either!

Ok, enough semi-philisophical rambling - gone some serious work to do. Then again, I am starting to yawn a bit - maybe I should spend some time on the couch. Yeah, the couch sounds like a good idea...

See ya next post guys! (falls fast asleep)



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