Friday, October 20, 2006

Pics, pics - where art thou?!

Ok, well I don't know about everyone else, but the pictures on Sword Buyers Guide are kind of, dissapearing...

What's strange is that it seems that on some browsers, everything is fine. But on mine, and several others that I have looked at - umm, well the pics on my pages about Ancient Swords and Medieval Swords have pretty much vanished!!

So here they all are for you to put into perspective:

Hehe, just kidding. But its a bit of a worry. If anyone else has noticed it too, please shoot me a quick email or place a comment below. I have some IT gurus looking into it but haven't got an answer as to when it will be restored as it turns out to be quite complicated... :-(

Ah, computers. Couldn't live without 'em, can't live with 'em (reminds me of an old Muppets song, hehe).

Let me know guys.




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