Monday, October 09, 2006

Sword Store Goings on

Well, just thought I'd let you all know that I have finally got around to doing a few minor renovations to the front page of the SBG Sword Store, most notably adding the Cheness test cut compliation to it so that visitors that have come straight to the store without reading any of the reviews will have some idea of what's in store for them (sorry - bad pun!)

I also created another seperate page that opens in another window that gives some basic info on Cheness swords, how they are made and also quite a few of my customers experiences with them.

You can see this page here

As a new shipment of Cheness swords is about to come back into availability, I will be adding a few new products to the store - including the Oniyuri Katana, the classic Kanbai (boy - that one has been out of stock for a while) and the Kochou (probably the only Cheness sword that I'm not crazy about).

I've also got a list about as long as my arm of other things to do on SBG - not least of which is next months edition of the Sword Buyers Digest Online Magazine so will definitely be keeping busy. This may mean that (as it often happens) I may not be able to find the time to post much here for a while, but will certainly let you know about any other noteworthy changes.

Ok, that's it for this post - will keep you guys informed with what's going on as it happens.




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