Monday, November 27, 2006

Just Some Updates

Well, have been keeping busy on the Sword Buyers Digest the last couple of weeks, especially in the last few days - and am now adding the finishing touches to part 2 of the Backyard Cutting Article. Nearly ready to 'lock and load' and its shaping up to be a pretty good issue, especially from a bargain hunters point of view (and for people who like gory pics of chopped up 'meat' - yup, target number 7 is the humble hunk of pork or beef 'ala Cold Steel or the ARMA').

Have also been doing a few minor updates to the various sub articles on sword manufacturers, most notably a new page write up on the pros and cons of Deepeeka Swords - an oft neglected manufacturer of medieval and ancient style swords, but because of their extremely low price tags (often less than $100 a piece) at least more than a cursory look.

While they generally don't compare too well to my faves such as Gen2 and Windlass, $ for $ they are acceptable. And I'd really hate to become one of those sword snobs who says 'save up and buy a Gen2' as it isn't that far from people who say 'save up an buy an Albion', so since they are under the US$300 price point, they need to be taken into more serious consideration than previously. (In fact, the only 'branded' manufacturer of swords that I don't have much time for is Rittersteel. Same prices as Windlass, lower quality than Deepeeka - and they never answered my email when I wanted to give a more balanced look at their products, so I can hardly recommend these guys! I HATE it when people don't reply to an email, it just isn't professional! Phew, rant over and out!)

Finally, now that I got that unpleasantness of my chest (after all, I spend several hours each day answering each and every email I get! Ooops, sorry - back to normalish) - what was I saying? Umm, oh yeah - did a few other updates to the Sword Buyers Directory, it's really starting to take shape now - and changed the nagivation order so everything is a bit smoother. Will be doing alot more to these pages over the coming months.

Finally, I'd like to Congratulate Mr. Ron Salter for his contribution to the Win A Shirasaya Competition for his winning entry for a very swish looking home made customization of the Hanwei Zatoichi sword. A bit of sanding, some twists of rattan, varnish and some meunki and we have a very unique and attractive looking sword! Keep up the good work Ron!

Until next post (which will probably be soon after the Digest goes out) - take care and have fun with sword! ;-)



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