Saturday, November 18, 2006

Price rises

Hey guys, just a quick post as I've had a few emails from folk a bit worried about the new pricing structure for Cheness swords.

To sum up, all Cheness sword sales are now subject to a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) that all resellers must stick to. So as a consequence, I've raised my prices to the lowest allowable price accordingly.

The MAP It makes sense when you think about it - because without the MAP, every Cheness seller would be lowering the price to compete with each other.

And if the margins get much thiner than they are already, pressure would be increased on Mr. Chen to lower his wholesale prices, which would mean that sooner rather than later he would have to seriously cut production costs back at the forge - resulting in a substandard product - something that no-one wants to see happen...

Anyway, I've still made sure that my site is the best place to buy Cheness swords. Because not only have I added more free items to every purchase as well as adding a FREE shipping option on orders over US$350, but I've also kept my promise that if by some chance that you find a cheaper price on a Cheness sword somewhere else (which really, you shouldn't - as everyone is on the MAP) - I'll beat the deal by up to 10%.

The only exception is that right now, Cheness are having a massive Christmas sale with discounts well below the MAP. BUT - my promise of beating a better deal still stands, so if you want to email me with an enquiry - I'll come back to you with my very best offer.

Talk to you all soon!



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